Locke Genealogy

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 Elusive People

100 ** Figure out who #41 is

In the 1916 genealogy, individual #41 is inside quotes. Whatever Arthur Locke meant by this is unclear. But if Lydia can be found, it would render the mystery obsolete.
200 ** Joseph D Locke, reports of death exaggerated

With a nod to Mark Twain -- F13000 Joseph DeBerniere Locke (supplement II) died in 1931, according to his death certificate. But his wife had been calling herself a widow since at least 1924. Is there a scandalous story behind this that we can enjoy 85 years later?
250 ** Is John W Locke related

A photograph of the John W. Locke store is posted on the Lane Memorial Library (Hampton, NH) web site. The store stood until 1899 when it burned down. Is he one of our relatives?
1000 ** Proof that John Locke and Nathan Locke are actually brothers

The "first Lockes" in the area of the 1622 Patent, roughly New Hampshire and Maine today, are thought to be brothers. However, the evidence is at best circumstantial and records from that time time are rare. It would be awesome if someone found more evidence to prove or disprove their connection.
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 Mystery Photos

200 ** Identify individuals in reunion photo

Reunion photo, apparently from the 1900's or 1910's. Can you identify any of the individuals?